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 Throddal Gauge

You can find what a specific vehicle sold for, but what's the market doing for that make and model across the board? That's exactly what the Throddal Gauge calculates. The Throddal Gauge is a proprietary piece of technology that uses Artificial Intelligence, coupled with the most up to date data on the web.  Looking at multiple factors from sold information to current trends in the market; your Throddal Gauge gives you a very solid understanding of the current value of your classic car.

 Analyze Sales Data

By Analyzing over 160,000+ specific vehicles from 43 sources, we're working 24/7 to analyze and bring you the most accurate Throddal Gauge possible.

 Predict Market Velocity

We're constantly pulling in data from various sources across the web. We use this data to analyze various metrics to ultimately arrive at the Throddal Gauge. It's not an exact representation of the value of a specific vehicle. Makes and models do vary vastly in regard to mileage, condition, specialty models, etc.

We're doing our best to analyze the market and provide an accurate representation of it.

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On each car details page on Throddal, you will see a similar graph as you see above. When applicable, we're able to show this gauge with the relative market value * of the vehicle shown.

* The value shown in the Throddal Gauge is not a definitive value of the vehicle shown and is strictly meant for comparative and entertainment purposes on the specific vehicle that's it is depicted alongside.