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Our Story

In mid-2020, Throddal founders Jason Hoback and Matthew Swanson were fresh from the success of bringing real estate to a local level for elite agent and broker teams at CINC. While brainstorming ideas for their next business venture, they were drawn to the idea of classic and luxury car buying. Matthew was fresh off the purchase of an amazing 1976 Toyota FJ40 as well as a perfect 2018 718 Porsche. Jason had recently found his 1975 CJ5 Jeep. The FJ40 and CJ5 were purchased online.. one from a major auction house and one from a classic car dealership. The 718 Porsche, from a luxury dealership.

Matthew spent hours finding information on the car he wanted, putting data into spreadsheets, and doing complex analysis to determine classic Toyota FJ40 values. After being frustrated, the idea came to his mind that someone shouldn't have to be a software engineer to determine what a classic or luxury car is really worth. He figured he wasn't alone — there must be millions of car enthusiasts struggling with the same challenges.

Then, the idea struck him: Why not help consumers by removing the friction from viewing this information, by giving them the same kinds of information and tools big companies and dealers use? Why not equip classic and luxury automotive consumers with information about their car investment. So Throddal was born, with the goal of helping people make smarter decisions around classic and luxury cars.