Mission - Throddal

Throddal's Mission

At Throddal, our mission is to equip classic and luxury automotive enthusiasts with world class technology to improve their car searching experience.

By providing the most comprehensive set of sales data and largest set of classic and luxury inventory on the web, we provide a more efficient sales process for car dealerships and auction houses while making it easier for the active buyer to find the right car at the right price.

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Our mission for classic and luxury automotive dealerships

Throddal has set out to help the classic/luxury dealerships and auction houses be more effective by offering them highly qualified leads and cutting-edge software to help them manage their leads more effectively. Throddal generates thousands of car enthusiasts that are interested in buying or selling a car.

Throddal leads are highly engaged car owners that are either looking to sell a car from their collection or looking to add to that collection. Providing highly qualified leads is only half the battle of helping car dealers. The truth is dealers are getting thousands of leads a month and it is next to impossible to have proper follow up with each lead. Throddal has automated the sales process for our clients by automating many of the tasks their sales team would conduct day to day. We’ve built the most advanced marketing automation technology in the industry.

Our technology allows a car dealer to have immediate follow up on each lead, ongoing communication with those leads via email, text or chat.  The features of the system are too many to name, but the results for Throddal clients are undeniable in that we’ve helped them have a higher closing percentage on their leads and reduce the amount of time in the sales cycle.

Our mission for automotive enthusiasts

Throddal is laser focused on improving the car buying and research experience for classic and luxury car enthusiasts. By bringing together classic and luxury inventory from premier dealerships, as well as sold data from specialized data sources, we strive to arm classic and luxury buyers and sellers with the best data as they search for their next classic car.