Frequently Asked Questions on Throddal

Frequently Asked Questions


Classic/Luxury Car Enthusiasts

  • On Throddal, your Virtual Garage consists of both public cars you follow and your personal cars from your collection. It’s free to put one or many cars in your Virtual Garage

  • We have built a proprietary algorithm that looks at many different factors as it relates to your specific make, model and year

  • If you have recently purchased this vehicle and can supply us with your bill of sale when editing your vehicle in your personal collection and we will add this sold data to our algorithm and update your Throddal Gauge from there.

  • Well, the Gauge is simply that. It is a gauge of what your car could be worth. Often cars sell for more than the Throddal Gauge, but there are on occasion those times when a car would sell below the Throddal Gauge price. The simple answer is your car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay you and you are willing to accept!

  • Your pubic garage consists of two types of cars. Your cars (Personal Collection) and other cars (Cars you Follow). The cars you follow are simply cars that you have great interest in but don’t personally own. And your “Personal Collection” is just like it sounds. Those are cars that you actually own. In your personal collection you can add details that only you the car owner might know.

  • Absolutely. Your privacy is our biggest priority. Simply click on the Virtual Garage and choose “Edit”. When editing your Virtual Garage, will see a choice under of public or private. Simply move to private and only you will have access to your private Virtual Garage

  • We source public sold data from across the web, from many of the big auction sites as well as some smaller auctions.

  • Absolutely. As part of the Throddal service we will send out email alerts with relevant car information, both cars that have sold and cars that are for sale

    • Throddal merges the best sold information around classic cars in the industry with the best technology, making the experience on Throddal unmatched compared to others
    • Due to our ability to aggregate sold data and put that data in real time in an easy to digest manner, we give all the control in the buying and selling process to the Throddal community.


  • Yes, Throddal hosts thousands of buyers a day coming in to research and purchase classic and luxury vehicles. We charge a monthly fee to advertise on our site. We also have a subsription model for lead management CRM software that will help you convert your leads faster and more efficiently. Our CRM runs on our platform and is fully integrated into the Consumer search experience with over 160,000+ vehicles from 43 different sources on Throddal.

    Contact us on our dealer solutions page for more details. 

  • Throddal charges a fixed monthly amount to keep your updated inventory on our site. Our technology will update your inventory every night to mirror the inventory listed on your own corporate site. In addition to the branding opportunity you get on Throddal, we will also send you interested buyers and sellers (leads) of specific cars you have listed for sale. Those leads come with detailed demographic information that will help you understand how qualified that lead is. Contact us on our dealer solutions page for more details.

  • Lead Enhancement is the exclusive technology built by Throddal to help qualify leads for your sales team as they come in. We utilize our proprietary technology to tell you the leads Social Media information, whether they own a home or not, net worth, annual salary, college degree and many other key data points that will help you to better prioritize your leads as they come in.

  • Throddal will deliver all leads real time via both text and email.

  • We call the Comp Report the Throddal Gauge and this technology that allows your sales team to quickly create comp reports (from over 160,000+ vehicles across 43 different sources) for a potential consignment seller as to the value of their car. The Throddal Gauge pulls sold and active data from multiple sources over the past several years, allowing your sales team to pull sold data by year, make/model and create a customized PDF report for your buyer/seller in mere seconds.